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Life Science Division

With a wide product portolio, Swiss Vacuum Technologies SA distribute a differentiated range of standard and special equipment for Research Centres, Hospitals, Laboratories, Academia and Pharma industry.

Range Products

-150°C Cryo Freezer image product

-150°C Cryo Freezer

Prefabricated Cold Room image product

Prefabricated Cold Room

Shock Freezers image product

Shock Freezers

Stability Test Chambers image product

Stability Test Chambers

X-Cold Series (from -30°C to +15°C) image product

X-Cold Series (from -30°C to +15°C)

ULT Inverter Technology image product

ULT Inverter Technology

Steam Sterilization Autoclaves image product

Steam Sterilization Autoclaves

Lyo Beta Mini image product

Lyo Beta Mini

Lyo Beta image product

Lyo Beta

Lyo Quest image product

Lyo Quest

Lyo Alpha image product

Lyo Alpha

Thermostatic Incubators image product

Thermostatic Incubators

Refrigerated Centrifuge image product

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Ventilated Centrifuge image product

Ventilated Centrifuge

Incubator Benchtop Shaker image product

Incubator Benchtop Shaker

Ambient Orbital Shaker image product

Ambient Orbital Shaker

Ductless Fume Hood image product

Ductless Fume Hood

Ducted Fume Hood image product

Ducted Fume Hood

Biological safety cabinets image product

Biological safety cabinets

CO2 Incubators image product

CO2 Incubators

Laminar flow cabinets image product

Laminar flow cabinets

-86°C Twin cooling system image product

-86°C Twin cooling system

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Angelantoni Life Science
Haier Biomedical


Ultra Freezers (Inverter Technology)
Schock Freezers
Stability Test Chambers
Cold Chambers
Ultra Freezers (TwinCool Technology)
Laminar Flow Cabinets
Biological Safety Cabinets
CO2 Incubators
GMP Autoclaves
Fume-Hood Cabinets
Refrigerated Incubators