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Enviromental Test Chambers


The ACS brand has always been associated with vast experience and flexibility in customized solutions, and with undisputed expertise in technologies, gained in part through close cooperation with research institutions, universities, and industrial partners.


The ACS brand has acquired a strong leadership position in the aerospace sector, the most challenging environment for simulation: after the first Thermal Vacuum chamber in 1988, ACS has become a leading manufacturer at international level, and a supplier for the most important space research centers testing satellites, subsystems and components.


With the acquisition of companies in France, Germany, China and India other brands of test chambers are now available in the worldwide market:

Since 1952 ACS has developed and standardized complete ranges of environmental chambers, continuosly improving and keeping up-to date with the latest technologies to fit the reliability requirements of the customers.

The newest and most innovative environmental test chamber series is called Discovery. New design, electromagnetic door closers, high reliable humidification system, optimized refrigeration system are among the innovative features of Discovery line.


Energy Saving (E) and Environmental Screening (ES) versions are also available

ACS has been operating in the international market since 1952 offering a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers for all types of tests on materials, components, and finished products.


ACS is world-famous since 1952 for its design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers, from the compact bench-top temperature and humidity test chambers to the most complex high tech systems such as Thermal Vacuum chambers for aerospace applications and Calorimeters.



Halt and Hass chambers

Corrosion test chambers

Thermal shock test chambers

High Temperature Ovens

Modular Walk-in chambers

Photovoltaic panel test chambers

Calorimeters to test Energy efficiency on air conditioners

Vacuum chambers


Vibration Testing Equipment

Vibration testing is performed for a variety of reasons: to determine if a product can withstand the rigors of its intended use environment, to ensure the final design will be suitable for shipment, or in order to weed out product defects. Vibration testing is used for aerospace and defence testing, ground transportation, transport simulation, package testing, altitude simulation and more.  Whether it be a need for ED shakers, power amplifier and head expander or a need for vibration controller/software, our Testing division, through a comprehensive range of suitable technologies, is always able to fulfill the most critical requirements


Discover now all our products but also the last innovations launched on the market.

New Innovative Products


A Revolution through Innovation.

Since inception, Vibration Research Corporation has been considered a pioneer and leader in the field of vibration control. Our advantage is clear: Innovation. We listen to you, our customer, and focus on providing you with the features that you want. Our 5th generation controller represents such significant advancements in vibration control technology that it can only be dubbed by a single word: Revolution. Nothing will ever be the same.


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