Work with us and you will experience the difference

Work with us and you will experience the difference

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SY-13 High Acceleration Shock Tester

The SY-13 high acceleration shock tester is specially developed to cater for the needs of various industries such as the military, house appliances, and more. It takes advantage of drop principle.

In addition, the high-g shock testing device adopts the method of air-pressure reverse thrust or spring accumulation to raise initial velocity. It can easily realize all kinds of acceleration by adjusting inflation pressure. If equipped with a waveform amplifier, the high acceleration shock tester can achieve ultra-high acceleration.

Functions and Characteristics

  • Our shock response spectrum machine adopts the most advanced type of Windows2000/XP-based control system. The Shock DAQ series spectrum control measuring instrument can accurately accomplish all impact tests only by inputting the height of impact hammer by an operator.
  • The pendulum incentive mechanism adopted features simple structure.
  • Infinitely-Adjustable Shock Energy
  • The use of an electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism provides quick response and large braking force.
  • The shock response spectrum testing equipment comes with a base. It is characterized by small footprint and easy installation.
  • The standard and tolerance of shock response spectrum inside the system give users convenience for adjustment and application. A test report is automatically generated at the end of a test.

Main Specifications

 Model SY13A-1 SY13-2 SY13B-10
 Rated Load (kg) 0.08 2 10
 Table Size (mm) Φ40 Φ75, Φ150 200 x 200
 Shock Waveform Half-sine
 Shock Acceleration (m/s2) 30000-500000 10000-200000 10000-200000
 Pulse Duration (ms) 0.5-0.05 2-0.1 1.5-0.1
 Dimension (L×W×H: mm) 985x780x2900 985x780x2900 800x800x1600
 Power Consumption (kVA) 0.4 0.4 1
 Weight (kg) 900 900 1200
 Power Supply Three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz


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