Work with us and you will experience the difference

Work with us and you will experience the difference

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The LyoBeta is a freeze drying unit designed for biological, pharmaceutical and food product formulation and "scale up" work, facilitating transfer technology to the R&D centres and production. It is a high performance unit with a GLP design, that allows for performing the entire freeze drying process fully automatically as well as accurately monitoring it.



The unit's design offers the best performance for technology transfer activities and work in advanced R&D Centres.

Unit suitable for laboratories: compact unit mounted on casters, easy to install.

Easy recipe development: quality and adaptation of the temperature sensors (shelf, product and condenser) and vacuum. Temperature, pressure and time control system.

Recipe optimisation capability. Possibility of thermodynamic control and pressure rise test with the isolation valve.

Results reliability: temperature uniformity (shelf flatness, high quality components, upper radiation shelf), shelf heating and cooling rates (1 ºC/min), etc.

Flexible use: high capacity for working with bulk materials, option to attach manifolds. Also different sizes and types of vials.

Robustness: laboratory equipment with industrial finish (easy to clean, stainless steel chamber, condenser and plates) and industrial components (sensors, vacuum pump, exchangers, etc.).

Reliable operation: non-proprietary control system via PLC (Siemens).

Flexible use: with a touch screen user interface.

Option to save developed cycles and export data to other platforms (Excel) with the LyoLogger data acquisition software.

Possibility to carry out optimisation studies for new formulae (scale up), with SCADA LYOLAB software, providing extensive documentation for technology transfer (optional).

Accessories & Options

  • Aeration HEPA filter
  • Clean room configuration
  • Vacuum control system with controlled leak
  • Eutectic point monitor
  • Capacitance manometer
  • SCADA LyoSuiteTM control software.
  • End-point detector via residual humidity probe
  • Sample thief
  • IQ+OQ qualification
  • Loading trays
  • Spacers for changing interdistances
  • Manifold



  • Development of biological, pharmaceutical and food products
  • Small batches for clinical trials
  • Production in pilot plants
  • Functional food research
  • Preservation of diagnosis kits
  • Haut cuisine


Special Designs

  • Outer case in stainless steel
  • UL Certification for the United States



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