Work with us and you will experience the difference

Work with us and you will experience the difference

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Stress Screening test (ESS) chambers: “Speedy”

So those chambers can maintain what they promise without any trouble, thanks to powerful cooling units and ventilation systems that allow to stress the specimen as per the values measured on air.

This is a “must” to ensure a correct stress screening and to avoid big difference between temperatures measured on air and on the specimen, that makes useless the test.


ESS has been developed to help manufacturers detecting product defects and production flaws.

Screening can force infancy board and component failures that would otherwise occur after final assembly and product delivery, and potentially during the warranty period.


To remove all type of defects

Not doing damage to otherwise good material

Corrective actions on design and production

Increase reliability

ESS Improves

Product quality

Product reliability

Production throughput

Profit margins

ESS Reduces

Fields defect

Warranty costs

Time to market

Infancy failures on field


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