Work with us and you will experience the difference

Work with us and you will experience the difference

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Many types of standardized head expanders can be supplied and special customization is allowed, to meet the expansion needs of the vibration shaker. In actual vibration test, specimen or fixture is often larger than the electro-dynamic shaker armature table, so the original table shall be extended, with a common method to install an auxiliary table. The more stringent requirement is needed for extending table on the working frequency, table weight, table acceleration, amplitude uniformity and lateral movement. HE series head expander has passed the finite element modal analysis, to ensure the product quality from the structure, materials and manufacturing process.

Square Head Expander

Round Head Expander

 Installation Examples

Head Expander

Technical Characteristics

  • All head expanders of Dongling company have passed the finite element analysis, with optimization treatment done for structure.
  • High-quality manufacturing process ensures the stable performance and good technical indicators.
  • Standard series head expanders are supplied to choose, with shape (round or square) or material (aluminum or magnesium) optional.


1. Square Type


1) The above-mentioned effective mass and usable frequency range indicate the specification of aluminum head expander. For magnesium type, the effective mass will be reduced to 65%, and the usable frequency will be reduced to 90% of the same model of aluminum type.


2) VT0303 is referred to a square head expander with its table size of 300×300mm. VT300 represents a round type product with its table diameter of 300mm.


3) Standard Hole

1) VT0303 (VT300)~VT0505 (VT500): 50×50mm square hole

2) VT0606 (VT600)~VT1212 (VT1200) and above: 100×100mm square hole

2. Round Type


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