Work with us and you will experience the difference

Work with us and you will experience the difference

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Tri-axis testing system can more realistically simulate the vibration environment in the actual use process, and improve the over-test and short-test of complex test pieces, enhancing the comparability of the laboratory evaluation results and the actual use environment of the product, and can reproduce the fault mode occurred outfield and difficult to reproduce in the single axial test, in favor of simulating the vibration environment of the whole process in the product use process. In addition, the tri-axis test system can significantly shorten test time.

Tri-axis Electro-Dynamic Vibration Test System


  • As a kind of vibration analysis equipment, this product has realized three-axis respective or simultaneous vibration.
  • Available functions include sine, random, shock, and special waveform.
  • Three-dimensional synchronous or asynchronous vibration can be achieved.
  • The use of high-precision guiding device ensures sufficient stiffness and extremely low coupling.
  • The three-axis vibration test system is convenient to be used and maintained.


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