Work with us and you will experience the difference

Work with us and you will experience the difference

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Remote Monitoring, Datalogging, Programming Software - Esco Voyager is a PC-based software package

Voyager Software

Esco now offers the new CelMate, 170-liter and 240-liter, entry-level cell culture CO2 incubator with superb contamination control.


This is for customers looking for a CO2 incubator that can provide the best protection for their cell cultures but with a limited budget.

Remote Monitoring

and Data Logging:

  • Automatic, continuous monitoring of device parameters (Temp, CO2, RH, etc.) to validate instrument performance and assay criteria.
  • Allows a single researcher to view and graph MULTIPLE device parameters remotely in real-time.
  • Saving and exporting log data in various formats from multiple instruments.
  • Automatic emailing of log data at user-defined intervals.
  • Download of data logs from equipment memory (only for devices with built-in data logging memory, i.e. CO2 Incubators).


  • Voyager can activate an alarm if a user-defined parameter limit is exceeded.
  • When an alarm condition occurs, Voyager can automatically send email alerts to protect precious samples or experiments.
  • Documentation of all alarms with time/date stamp.

Remote programming
and equipment configuration

  • Voyager allows for easier program developoment with a simpler graphical user interface.
  • Voyager software can download user programs to multiple Esco instruments easily insuring consistent experiments on multiple devices.


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